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Our chickens are our children...
We take our hens while they are little chicks and grow them up by falling all over them. While doing so, we fodder them with the forages that we produce and know its ingredients. We comply with the animal welfare criteria; do our best in order to provide them a healthy development and allow them to lay their eggs away from stress and fear. We know that a hen which grows healthily, gives us the best and most delicious egg as well.

No one else owns our forages!
We produce our own forages ourselves. Being hard by vast green plains of Elazığ, gives us the chance to be able produce the healthiest products. We supply feed raw materials such as alfalfa, corn, red pepper flakes, wheat and barley from neighboring cities when they are in their freshest fit. We produce our own forages by processing them in our feed mill. During this process, we never add any animal additives or chemically synthesized artificial colorant to our forages. Thereby, quality, hygiene and forages that we are 100% sure of their healthiness are developed.

We love what is natural
We want the natural sides of the life remain as they are. Therefore, we play along the nature and human health at every turn of our production. We grow our hens to the best health with the finest quality and do not add any additives that threaten human health in our forages. The eggs of hens that have been grown up according to the natural life that much, are naturally convenient for human health. However, we make a great effort not to give any harm to the nature with our forages. We process the manures in our manure processing plant and utilize it for nature.